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The Secret Treasure

by Joan Maddy

If there is any person that has been misunderstood over the centuries it is Mary, the Mother of Christ. Over the ages because of the many accolades we have given her, she doesn't seem real to us as she was to the Apostles. To them, Mary was warm and maternal. She was the one who quietly led the Apostles after the death of Christ. To them she wasn't one who was out of touch. She wasn't one who wore a crown. She was real, she was understanding. She was compassionate.

Mary, like her Son, cried. Think of all she had gone through. At the most important moment of her life she had to deliver her son to the world in a stable. She was a victim of gossip and prejudice. As the Scriptures tell us she "kept many of these things in her heart."

We have to meet Mary through a deep personal prayer life. The Apostles found guidance and direction from and through her. Mary wasn't just on this earth to work a few miracles now and then. Her role is much larger. She took the first Apostles family and taught them values that have been handed down over the centuries. When the great writers of the past referred to "our life, our sweetness and our hope" they were referring to a woman whom God had selected to be the Mother to us all and our families. Mary is a treasure for all ages. Mary lived and loved. She did this for Christ her son. Her role in the past was to bring the love of Christ to others. She is still doing it for us. All we have to do in our prayers is to ask her for whatever we need. She never let the first Apostle family down. She certainly won't let down ours.

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