October 2000, Volume 6, Issue 3

Thoughts From Mother Teresa

by Rev. Mark Connolly

The pure heart can easily see Christ
in the hungry,
in the naked,
in the homeless,
in the lonely,
in the unwanted,
in the unloved,
in the leper ,
in the alcoholic,
in the man lying in the street -
unwanted, unloved, uncared for,
hungry He is not hungry for lack of a piece of bread,
he is hungry for love He is not naked just for lack of a piece of cloth,
he is naked because he has been stripped of human dignity He is not homeless just because he lacks a small house to live in,
his homelessness comes from being abandoned by all... unwanted, unloved, uncared for,
neglected. ...
He has forgotten the meaning of human love,
human joy,
human touch.

- Mother Teresa