May 2001, Volume 6, Issue 10   
Mother's Day
Rev. Mark Connolly
Thought for the Month
The Fruit We Bare
Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci
Mother's Day
Saint of the Month
Catholic Corner
Memorial Day
Memorial Day

These did not pass in selfishness; they died for all mankind;
They died to build a better world for all who stay behind;
And we who hold their memory dear, and bring them flowers to-day,
Should consecrate ourselves once more to live and die as they.

These were defenders of the faith and guardians of the truth;
That you and I might live and love, they gladly gave their youth;
And we who set this day apart to honor then who sleep
Should pledge ourselves to hold the faith they gave their lives to keep.

If tears are all we shed for them, then they have died in vain;
If flowers were all we bring them now, forgotten they remain;
If by their courage we ourselves to courage are not led,
Then needlessly these graves have closed about our heroes dead.


Memorial Day is an American holiday that is dedicated to all the men and women who fought and gave up their lives during war time, and in peace time, for the cause of freedom.

Edgar A. Guest


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