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  A Christian Faith Magazine June 2004, Volume 9, Issue 11  
Fragmented Time

Rev. Mark Connolly
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There is not a day that goes by without each one of us hearing where is all the time going and even more importantly, where is our life going. Concerning time, we have 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, 168 hours a week. That has been the same for all past generations, present generations and future generations. What is happening to most of us is that we are so fragmented, so involved in so many areas of our daily lives, that all of a sudden when we have a chance to take a breath, we find that a day, a week or a month has gone by. Have you ever considered how your time is fragmented?

There is one organization that has given us an indication that we wait five months for traffic lights to change out of 70, five years standing in line whether it is to buy a ticket, at a bank or a post office, almost seven to eight hours every night in sleeping and then it goes on and on itemizing things that fragment our day and cause us to wake up and say, where is all the time going. One interesting statistic is that out of 70 years, it has been proven, that all we spend out of 70 years in worshiping God is six solid months. This is the God we plan to live with for all eternity. Each one of us regardless of how we complain, can use our time more wisely.

If you spend your time carrying grudges, if you spend your time waiting for "quasi" miracles to happen, if you spend your time waiting for others to give you that golden opportunity, then for all practical purposes you are wasting your time. Concerning the amount of happiness we have each day, Abraham Lincoln has a wonderful line when he said you are as happy as you make up your mind to be. If anyone takes away your peace of mind, you are practically responsible for allowing that person to do so. If you continue with these various attitudes throughout each day of carrying an unforgiving heart, waiting for golden opportunity, allowing someone to take away your pace of mind, you are not only wasting each day, you are washing a very good part of your life.

When you analyze why we are put on this earth it is to love and serve God with our whole heart, our whole mind. That reminds us each one has to develop the spirituality for each day that finds us practicing more charity and more compassion toward those especially in need and want. Each day would find us developing a closer and more intimate relationship with God. Each day should find us thanking God for all the talents and ability that He has given us so those talents and abilities can be used for the benefit of others.

If time is used in this positive and constructive fashion every day is a greater blessing. Every day is a challenge to do God's work. Every day will bring us greater peace of mind and greater peace of soul. Your time cannot be wasted. Your time cannot be lost on trivial things. The time you have should find you in the service of God no matter what other things you do on this earth.

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