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  A Christian Faith Magazine August 2005, Volume 11, Issue 1  
Artistic image Catholic Annulment: Spiritual Healing
A book written by Dennis and Kay Flowers
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Catholic Annulment: Spiritual Healing

For people seeking more information about annulments from the lay persons point of view, a book by Dennis and Kay Flowers is available through Liguori Publications called CATHOLIC ANNULMENT: SPIRITUAL HEALING. This book offers help that is not bogged down in procedural jargon or canon law terminology. It keeps its focus clear: to help a person discover a path to forgiveness, healing and growth through the annulment process. Dennis and Kay Flowers are an interchurch couple who support each other's faith traditions and are members of the American Association of InterChurch Families. They have served in the Couples Ministry program for engaged couples and have given talks on sacramental marriage, annulment healing and interchurch issues.


Liguori Publications
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or at www.catholicbooksonline.com or email liguori@liguori.org.

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