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  A Christian Faith Magazine August 2005, Volume 11, Issue 1  
Spirituality for Today is an interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age.
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Celebrating Our 10th Aniversary
Statement of Purpose
Rev. Mark Connolly
This year we are celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of our magazine, SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY.
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10 Year Anniversary
Imitate Christ
Rev. Mark Connolly
If you read the writings of St. Paul, he makes it very clear that one of the secrets of...
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Be Glad, Not Glib
Most Reverend William E. Lori, Bishop of Bridgeport
Shortly after my sixteenth birthday, I was driving along Main Street with my mother. On...
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Most Reverend William E. Lori
The Quest
Dorothy Riera
The longest journey, wrote Dag Hammarskjold, is the journey inward. It is a quest...
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Rev. Mark Connolly
Many years ago there was a poem that went something like this: "There was a time...
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Rev. Mark Connolly
The Person Who Sees Me...
Fr. James Turro
Some years ago, the chief of a remote and primitive tribe in Africa...
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In The Holiness Of Truth - "We Have A Pope!"
Edward Cardinal Egan Archbishop of New York
The flight to Rome on April 5 was an emotional experience. My priest- secretary and...
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Edward Cardinal Egan Archbishop of New York
Blinded By The Son
Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci
Staring into the sun is not a wise activity. In a very short amount of time one...
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Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci
Un Corazón Lleno De Alegría
Madre Teresa de Calcutta
Un corazón lleno de alegría es resultado de un corazón que arde de amor. La alegrí...
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