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  A Christian Faith Magazine August 2005, Volume 11, Issue 1  
Christ Imitate Christ
Rev. Mark Connolly
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Saint Paul
Saint Paul

If you read the writings of St. Paul, he makes it very clear that one of the secrets of happiness is to imitate the mind of Christ. If you analyze that expression, the mind of Christ, it simply means his value system, his principals and his convictions.

If you study the life of Christ you see that he only spent three years of his public life in active ministry. Much of the time was spent in prayer and meditation. If you read the New Testament you will find he taught charity, compassion and consideration. He wrote no books. He had no pulpit. He just preached and lived these qualities. These same qualities have outlasted any book for over two thousand years.

This same Christ taught us the value of the sacred. We all know he underwent an agony, a scourging, a crowning and a crucifixion. As suffering did not pass by Christ, it will not pass by us. He taught us very clearly that suffering is not always meaningless.

The life of Christ demonstrates a man who lived with hope. This was a man who could cure and forgive ten lepers knowing that ninety percent of them would walk away without thanking him. A man who, from the cross, could completely forgive the crowd of men and women who on Palm Sunday threw palm branches in his path while singing "Hosanna", then shouted "Crucify him!" on Good Friday.

This person called Jesus Christ was more than an historical figure. This same person, Jesus Christ, must become a reality in our lives. Without the mind of Christ influencing our mind there is chaos and confusion. With our mind being united with the mind of Christ, however, we can fulfill what St. Paul said, "With Christ I can do everything."

10 Year Ribbon
Originally published in the August 1995 issue

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