Spirituality for Today – March 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 8

Thought for the Month

Journey of Prayer By Betty Hill

A photo of a purple snow crocus

Today I took a journey in prayer
and many places I visited there
Into the Garden of Eden I went
Then to Gethsemane was sent

From there, I went to the wilderness
Much learning I did need
Of how I never should grumble
But to trust my God indeed

I journeyed then to still waters
A peaceful little cove
Where I could see my own reflection
As with Jesus now I grow

To the battlefield I was taken
where weapons of war were found
The enemy tried to defeat me
Victoriously, I held my ground

I was taken to the Revelation of God
during my journey of prayer
He shared some secrets with me
The importance, of my journey of prayer

Sometimes into the valley of death
with sharp turns in the way
I walked very carefully with God
I took more time to pray

My path now lead to Calvary
I met my dear Savior there
And I was reminded again
Of just how much He cares

Then on the His Holy Words
I went so excitedly
And over and over I've read them
All my hope is in His promises to me