Spirituality for Today – October 2009 – Volume 14, Issue 3

Thought for the Month – Wishes

By Yolanda Cohen

A photo of two ducks in the water

Here are some wishes
I'm sending your way
Wishing no storm clouds
Will ever darken your way

I wish you to prosper
And your future be bright
That you'll have happy days
And peace through each night

I wish for God's angels
To guide your way
To see a smile on your face
At the end of each day

I wish you good health
That your life might be long
That happiness finds you
And gives your heart a new song

For peace in your spirit,
Your soul and your mind
All the things you desire
I'm wishing you may find

A wish for good friends
And neighbors alike
Be blessed in all things
That are peaceful and right

I'm wishing your pasture
To ever be green
With fresh blowing breezes
And a gentle flowing stream

I wish for God's blessings
To shower you with love
With the calmness and beauty
Of a quiet morning dove.

I wish I could fill a box
With wishes for you
And tie it up with ribbons
And send it to you

But not in this lifetime
Could that ever be
So have faith in these wishes
That I've now wished for Thee