Spirituality for Today – September 2010 – Volume 15, Issue 2

Thought for the Month
Litany in Honor of Rose Hawthorne

A photo of a yellow flower

Rose, you lived during a time when cancer was consider contiguous—
Strengthen and enlighten doctors and scientists who are seeking a cure for cancer.
Rose, as a writer you used the power of words to help the poor,
Inspire all those who work in communications to reverence the truth and report it well.
Rose, you hungered for meaning in your life and in so doing entered the Church,
Help all those who also hunger for meaning to discover the God of their hearts.
Rose, you saw the emotional toil cancer created in families,
Help us to find ways to support families as they struggle to deal with effects of this disease.
Rose, you founded a religious community to minister to those who are poor and dying.
Touch many women and men to respond to that same challenge courageously with generous hearts.

From Women and Spirit, The Soul of DNA