Spirituality for Today – January 2011 – Volume 15, Issue 6

Sow and Reap

By Yolanda Cohen

A photo of a white rose on the snow

Lord there are some folks
Way up on the mountain
I'm still in this valley so low
I want to serve you
The best that I can
I need you to help me to grow
I see the grain in the meadows
Ready for harvest
But the workers here are so few
He said 'stay in the valley
And labor there for me
It's there that I will bless you'
'There are fish in abundance
In the cold rushing streams
And the fishermen also are few
You're there in the valley
For my special purpose
Where I plant you, there you will grow'
'So grow where I plant you
Keep sowing and reaping
You'll see the harvest come soon
The sheep down there
Need someone to lead them
And I've made a Shepherd of you'
'So grow where I plant you
And work 'til the harvest
I'll send the reapers real soon
The fishermen with them
I'm sending to help you
'Til the fields come into full bloom'
'While the Angels are gathering
All the fruits of your labor
From the streams, the vine and the sod
I'll take you above
The top of the mountains
To grow in the Garden of God'