Spirituality for Today – December 2012 – Volume 17, Issue 5

Thought for the Month

A photo of a gift with a bright red bow

Some people came to Calcutta and before leaving, they begged me,
"Tell us something that will help us to live our lives better".
And I said to them,
"Smile at each other.
Smile at your wife,
smile at your husband,
smile at your children,
smile at each other –
doesn't matter who it is –
and it will help you to grow in greater love for each other."
And then one of them asked me, "Are you married?"
I said "Yes, and I find it difficult sometimes to smile at my spouse, Jesus,
because he can be very demanding.
This is really something true.
And that is where love comes in –
when it is demanding, and yet we can give it with joy.