Spirituality for Today – July 2013 – Volume 17, Issue 12

The 83rd Pope

An image of Pope Conon, the 83rd PopeConon, the 83rd Pope

Pope Conon (686-687) – Once again, we have a pope elected in old age. He was chosen as a compromise candidate between a favorite of the clergy and one who was a favorite of the military. He had the misfortune of making an appointment to a permanent post in Sicily of an individual who turned out to be of low virtue resulting in loud protests from the people which led to the appointee's arrest.

The pope was the son of a military man. He studied in Sicily and was ordained in Rome. One then could see his qualifications as a compromise between clergy and military. He consecrated Kilian (a future saint) as bishop.

Emperor Justinian II favored the pope and forgave a number of back taxes owed to the imperial court by the Church.

By all accounts, the pope was a simple, unassuming man who left a venerable image of himself as pope.

He is buried in the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Habemus papam