Spirituality for Today – September 2013 – Volume 18, Issue 2

The 85th Pope
John VI

An image of Pope John VI, the 85th PopeJohn VI, the 85th Pope

Pope John VI (701-705) –From the point of view of historical events of ecclesiastical significance, the pontificate of Pope John was the equivalent of a quiet stroll through the park. He did make concerted efforts at "stamping out small fires" on the political and ecclesiastical front. He was involved in ransoming prisoners and saving others from a violent end. He held a synod trying to resolve the much beleaguered Wilfred of York's problem of being repeatedly driven from his diocese. The pope affirmed support for Wilfrid, but directed the leaders of the Church in England to take greater steps in bringing the status of Wilfrid to an acceptable conclusion.

A personal note: When studying the many challenges of the Church throughout its turbulent history, this age, in spite of the tragedy of the sexual abuse cases and instances of corruption, is blessed with fewer obstacles and greater freedoms. Yet, there is no call for any degree of complacency or phlegmatic efforts in evangelization, Church governance, and Christian witness.

Pope John VI passed from this earth in January of 705 and was interred in the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Habemus papam