Spirituality for Today – October 2013 – Volume 18, Issue 3

Thought for the Month
Time Changes Things #1

Betty Hill and Yolanda Cohen

A photo of an elderly woman

Funny how time just seems to fly
My skin wrinkling up before my eyes
My teeth falling out one by one
Until at last, I have none

My hair turning gray as I get old
but better still, then going bald
I creek and crack when I walk
These old bones have started to talk

Got pains so bad I cry sometimes
Then I try to hide those 'cry baby' lines
Got those bags forming around my eyes
That I can't cover up with a good disguise

I'm plumping up and I'd like to skinny down
Or best to stay at the perfect pound
I hunt for comfort in my shoes
Instead of buying style like I used to choose

Now don't you have no pity on me
'cause I'm different now than I used to be
My heart is right and I'm heaven bound
I'll get a new body when the last trumpet sounds