Spirituality for Today – January 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 6

Thought for the Month
Came Forth the Light

Patricia Sylvia Dickinson

A photo of a bright star

From out the Heavens came forth the Light
A Brilliant Star shown big and bright.
From out Earth's fresh early dew
Dry Terrain her plenty drew,
From ages past whence was known
The Word made Flesh has since grown;

That Star beckoned all to come
See New Born Child, our new birth won,
Oh Splendor of One Child's Birth
Comes Savior with Peace on Earth,
Heaven and Earth are full of Glory
By His Life made all the World Holy;

Angels herald soothing Harmony
Divine Blessings abundantly,
All Heaven and Earth worship our King
As troublesome woos take wing,
Prayers and good wishes come to Light
As our Hearts in trust take to flight;

That Star beckons all to come
See New Born Child our New Birth won!!!

Blessings to all and a holy and happy New Year!