Spirituality for Today – March 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 8

Saint of the Month
St. Cunegund

March 3

A photo of Benedictine monastery at KaufungenBenedictine monastery at Kaufungen

Cunegund was born into royalty and raised in a religious household. She later married Henry II, the Duke of Bavaria, who shared her faith. In 1002, Henry became king of Germany. Twelve years later, Pope Benedict VIII crowned Henry and Cunegund emperor and empress of the Holy Roman Empire.

At the time, the morals of some of the clergy were suspect. With Cunegund's support, Henry tried his best to reform those who had strayed from their vows.

Cunegund influenced Henry in other areas as well. She convinced him to found the cathedral and monastery in Bamberg, which became a Bavarian bishopric. On her own, Cunegund founded a Benedictine monastery at Kaufungen. Then Henry heard that she had been unfaithful.

Cunegund vehemently denied the charge and to prove it, she walked across hot ploughshares (the cutting blades of a plow), which was a common test of guilt at the time. Because she remained unharmed, it was considered a sign from God that she had been truthful, and her husband never doubted her again.

After Henry died, Cunegund entered the monastery at Kaufungen and devoted herself to prayer and caring for the sick. She cast aside all she had enjoyed as empress. On her deathbed in 1039, she insisted on being buried in her simple nun's habit, showing her devotion to God.

O God, Father of all Mercies,
Provider of a bountiful Harvest,
send Your Graces
upon those You have called
to gather the fruits of Your labor;
preserve and strengthen them in their lifelong service of You.
Open the hears of Your children
that they may discern Your Holy Will,
inspire in them a love and desire to surrender themselves
to serving others in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.
Teach all Your faithful to follow their respective paths in life,
guided by Your Divine Word and Truth.
Through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
all the Angels , and Saints,
humbly hear our prayers and grant Your Church's needs,
through Christ, our Lord.


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