Spirituality for Today – October 2014 – Volume 19, Issue 3

So Long

Yolanda Cohen

A photo of an Autumn scene

The summer's sun is fading fast
as autumn is moving in
I'll take this time to say 'so long'
to my little summer friends.

The squirrels are busy gathering,
their nutty harvest in
To feed on thru the cold, cold months,
'til spring comes 'round again

The Robin comes by just to tell me
'I must be on my way,
I'm going to my tropic home,
there for a few months, I'll stay'

The chippies now have dug right in
to their burrows in the ground
Not a single bee a'buzzin
Not a butterfly, flying around

'So long, to all you little critters,
who love the warm sunshine
God keep you thru the cold, cold months
I'll see next year, same place, same time'