Spirituality for Today – August 2015 – Volume 20, Issue 1

The 108th Pope
Marinus I

An image of Pope Marinus I, the 108th PopePope Marinus I, the 108th Pope

Pope Marinus I (882–884) — His election marked another first in papal history. Pope Marinus was the first pope elected from another diocese to serve as Bishop of Rome. He was well received by the emperor and made it his intention to establish good relations with the East. The post of Vatican librarian was one of significance and the pope awarded a friend of Photius to that position. The pope also made a molded a close friendship with King Alfred the Great of England. He was a builder of bridges in many diplomatic ways.

After his brief reign, death came for him in the spring of 884. He is buried in the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Habemus papam