Spirituality for Today – September 2015 – Volume 20, Issue 2

Thought for the Month
Bring the Children In

Yolanda Cohen

You know I love my children
But they all will be lost
If they don't follow Jesus
All the way to the cross

If they come home today
I'll forgive all their sin
So I'm asking you now
Go bring the children all in

The day is fading fast
And soon it will be gone
Please go find the children
And bring them all home

Some have wandered away
Living in this world of sin
They will all be lost forever
If they don't come on in

There are dangers around them
With the shadows moving in
Bring them home safely
For I love all of them

The thunders are crashing
And dark clouds are rolling by
In the currents of the water
They will perish and die

My children won't listen
They went out on their own
Go find them for me
And bring them all home