Spirituality for Today – May 2016 – Volume 20, Issue 10

Our Authors

Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci

Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci was ordained for the Diocese of Bridgeport in 1973. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from St. Francis College in Loretto, Pennsylvania, a Master of Divinity from St. Mary Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Doctor of Ministry from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley in California.
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Janice Alonso

A wife and mother of two sons and a daughter-in-law, after years of teaching and doing volunteer work in the church, school and community, she is pursuing a lifelong dream of being a writer. She spends the first hour of her day in devotion to God's word and prayer for His guidance in her work. Her inspirational work has appeared in CGA World (the insert in Catholic Digest), Standard and Evangel. Her short stories have appeared in Grit, Palo Alto Review and Cochran's Corner.
You can visit Janice's Web site at www.janicealonso.com

Pam Aherne

Pam Aherne was a prodigal and convert over 30 years ago and is a retired teacher of students who have severe learning difficulties. A Legion of Mary and the Diocesan Rep for Our Lady's Catechists, she serves the poorest of the poor in Manchester as a co-worker with the Missionary of Charity Brothers.