Spirituality for Today – August 2016 – Volume 21, Issue 1

Pray the Rosary and Plug Into Heaven

Pam Aherne

A photo of a Rosary on a bible.

I know everyone who regularly prays the rosary will testify to the many graces obtained for others and ourselves by this great means of prayer that Our Lady gave us. St. John Paul II called it a golden chain to heaven. Mother Teresa rarely had it out of her hands. This is my testimony.

I used to suffer from anxiety and depression a lot and my prayers were nearly always worried petitions about this and that. When I joined the Legion of Mary, I was asked to pray 5 decades daily and at first it was difficult, like learning anything worthwhile is. I came to understand that we are helped by Our Lady to think about and even enter into life of Jesus in the different mysteries of the Rosary. Personally I think it's as well to commit yourself to perhaps just two decade or mysteries a day and do it prayerfully, reading first the Gospel meditation for that mystery given in the many rosary leaflets. We come to know and love Jesus more and He enlightens us about our lives and decisions. I think there is an invisible channel of Grace which goes out from our prayer to our loved ones, living and dead and to all in this very needy world when we do our best to pray the rosary every day.

I read that Our Lord said to St. Margaret Mary, and I believe it's to each of us, 'You take care of Me and My affairs and I will take care of you and yours'. So I decided just to give all my own concerns through Our Lady to Jesus, very briefly, when I start the Rosary and then offer the Rosary for the Intentions of His Sacred Heart. I think Our Lady helps us to visualise each Gospel mystery as we pray and try to keep Jesus company in that event. I can't begin to say what a difference all this has made to me and my life and hopefully to all those I pray for.

Sometimes we may not have the time and space to spend half an hour on the Rosary, which is what it takes me. I've found that it's not very good leaving it until last thing at night because I just fall asleep. But we can pray the Rosary as we walk along or sit on the bus and if we find it hard to meditate or even to concentrate on the words, I believe Our Lady makes our poor prayers more presentable like the good Mother she is. In the Legion we sometimes visit very sick people and we just put the Rosary beads into their hands. All they can do is hold or squeeze them and we can see the comfort Our Lady brings them. I look around on the bus and think why do we plug ourselves into the internet and music or worry all the time, when we can plug in to Heaven at least some of the time through the Rosary?