Spirituality for Today – Spring 2018 – Volume 22, Issue 3

The 129th Pope
Agapitus II

Pope Agapitus II (946-955) – The struggle between the ecclesial and the political always seems to have been a factor in the history of the Church. Pope Agapitus, whose election was influenced by Alberic II, the ruler of Rome, was compelled by the ruler to promote Alberic's son, Octavian to become the next pope.

Pope Agapitus, in the manner of his predecessor, was interested in monastic reform. He also engaged in resolving disputes among the kings of France and Germany as well as disputes among the royalty in France regarding both political and ecclesiastical matters. King Otto I of Germany found a most agreeable friend in Pope Agapitus II. The pope gave King Otto a wide berth in influencing church appointments and boundaries in his territory.

Alberic, near death, pressured the clergy and the nobility of Rome to swear, outside of canon law, to elect his son, Octavain as the successor of Pope Alberic. Pope Alberic II would die the next year and was buried in Saint John Lateran.

Habemus papam