Spirituality for Today – Winter 2019/2020 – Volume 24, Issue 2

The Living Flame of Love

  1. Oh, living flame of love
    That tenderly woundest my soul in its deepest centre,
    Since thou art no longer oppressive, perfect me now if it be thy will,
    Break the web of this sweet encounter.
  2. Oh, sweet burn! Oh, delectable wound!
    Oh, soft hand! Oh, delicate touch
    That savours of eternal life and pays every debt!
    In slaying, thou hast changed death into life.
  3. Oh, lamps of fire,
    In whose splendours the deep caverns of sense
    Which were dark and blind with strange brightness
    Give heat and light together to their Beloved!
  4. How gently and lovingly thou awakenest in my bosom,
    Where thou dwellest secretly and alone!
    And in thy sweet breathing, full of blessing and glory,
    How delicately thou inspirest my love!

From the Works of St. John of the Cross