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Statement of Purpose

Rev. Mark Connolly

With this issue we launch our Internet Magazine, SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY. No matter what our professed faith might be, each one of us is on a journey back to God that began at the moment of our birth. This journey "home," with its many peaks and valleys, demands a spirituality that draws us closer to God every day.

Scripture Our hope is that SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY will encourage us on that journey. Throughout the coming months, we will share the values, principles and precepts taught by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. We will highlight the love of God towards us, and remind us to bring the love of Christ, and his compassion, to others.

Our journey on this earth is a short one. Just as we are taught in childhood not to waste food, energy or clothing, we cannot afford to waste the most precious commodity, time. Therefore, this month and in the months to come, SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY will also reflect on the importance of simplicity and solitude. Simplicity leads us to become more like Christ, and it is in solitude that we discover the vigorous prayer life that enables us to learn simplicity. When we die, our achievements on this earth -- degrees, medals, wealth and possessions -- will have no meaning. Our lives will be examined in light of how we brought the love of Christ, God's Son, to others. How well did we live out the Beatitudes? What kind of sacramental life did we have with Him and the Eucharist?

We do not intend this magazine to be a forum for controversy or divisive debate. We envision SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY as a source of both comfort and support; an instrument of peace for all who walk this sacred journey.

Remember, all of us are walking this journey together. So let us go forth, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit.

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