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Why This Medium?

Rev. Roy Henderson

Shortly before Christ ascended, he commanded his disciples, "Go forth and proclaim the good news." This directive, however, was not only for the listeners on that day. In every generation and throughout the world, the charge to "go forth" has been given and undertaken.

St. Paul shared the Good News. It reached the corners of the globe through the gospels. It was found in papyrus scrolls. Itinerant, traveling artists in every culture communicated the story of Christ. Popular songs bear witness to the love of Christ; the Good News shines through panes of stained glass. On the stage and around a family's hearth, actors, musicians, mothers and fathers tell the remarkable stories of God's salvation again and again. Cloistered monks laboriously copied God's word until the arrival of the printing press when it could be easily available to all willing to receive. With the arrival of radio and television, Catholic clergy and laity persevere in proclaiming the Good News through an electronic medium.

Now, as the 21st century approaches, the Internet opens up new roads to walk. We have before us a super-highway of communication from which to share a message that is as vibrant today as it was two thousand years ago.

Despite differing cultures and religious backgrounds, human beings feel a deep need for spirituality. This yearning is at the core of every individual, and can serve as our common ground. Through this new electronic medium, an Internet magazine, we seek a more comprehensive way to express and share our spiritual yearnings. As we work together for a better understanding of ourselves, of each other and our commonalties, we can become the people our Creator intended us to be. This is the thrust, the meaning of the word Ecumenism.

Therefore, in response to that first call to "go forth and spread Good News," we hope to share our message of faith. At the same time, we also want to share the spiritual messages of our brothers and sisters of other faiths and traditions.

The way we communicate has changed throughout the years. It is now up to us to understand what is being said.

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