March 2001, Volume 6, Issue 8   
Lent, a Time to Reflect
Rev. Mark Connolly
First Sunday of Lent
Second Sunday of Lent
Rev. Mark Connolly
Third Sunday of Lent
Fourth Sunday of Lent
Thought for the Month
Henry A. Tuckett
Lent is for Lovers
Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci
Prayer of Reconciliation
Saint of the Month
Catholic Corner
womanPrayer of Remorse, Repentance and Reconciliation

God of all compassion, I am heartily sorry

For stepping on others with harsh judgments
rather than living gently with them

For clinging to people's destructive habits and narrow opinions
rather than letting go into change and growth

For being intolerant of my own limitations and weakness
rather than walking gently within myself

For inappropriate displays of anger, often toward the wrong people
rather than dealing with anger at the right time, in the right way and with the right people

For blaming others or God for my struggles
rather than accepting the role I often play in making life difficult

And for seeking prestige, power, pleasure or position
rather than walking with the humble truth that I am as broken and blessed as my neighbor

You have promised God that you would companion me through my life in the presence
of Christ's compassion and forgiveness. Welcome me again to your way
and will rather than my way and want

Forgive me, Lord, for following what cannot save me from myself and strengthen
me for the journey we travel together


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