Spirituality for Today – May 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 10

Prayer to the Holy Ghost

A photo of a pink rose

O Spirit of Wisdom,
preside over all my thoughts, words and actions
from this hour till the moment of my death.

Spirit of Understanding,
enlighten and teach me.

Spirit of Counsel,
direct me in my inexperience.

Spirit of Fortitude,
strengthen me in my weakness.

Spirit of Knowledge,
instruct me in my ignorance.

Spirit of Piety,
make me fervent in good works.

Spirit of Fear,
restrain me from all evil.

Spirit of Peace,
give me Thy Peace.

Heavenly Spirit,
make me persevere in the service of God,
and enable me to act on all occasions
with goodness, benignity, patience, charity and joy,
longanimity, mildness and fidelity.
Let the heavenly virtues of modesty, continency and chastity
adorn the temples Thou hast chosen for Thy abode.

O Spirit of Holiness,
by Thy all-powerful grace,
preserve my soul from the misfortunes of sin.