Spirituality for Today – May 2009 – Volume 13, Issue 10

Thought for the Month – Grandma, Jesus and Me

By Yolanda Cohen

A photo of a yellow flower on a yellow background

When I told Grandma about my troubles
I knew just what she would say
'Come on now, let's talk to Jesus,
You know He'll take your troubles away'

'Everything will soon be all better,
Let's just kneel right here and pray,
Jesus knows all about our sorrows,
We need some help from Him today'

"Take all our problem away my Savior,
and then we need a blessing or two,
We're trusting now in the name of Jesus,
My dear Lord we are counting on you'

'Oh what friend we have in Jesus
Now we know the answer is on the way,
In the name of Christ the blessed Savior
And we give 'thanks' to You today'

Her simple prayers were always answered
When upon this earth she did trod
There was something between her and Jesus
When she raised up her voice to God

I think Grandma is looking down on me
Each time I go to the Lord in prayer
She says, 'Father, now help that child,
That I see praying right down there'

One day with Grandma, I met the Savior
One day when we were on our knees
I got Salvation like Grandma had
Now it's just Jesus and me

– Yolanda Cohen