Spirituality for Today – May 2010 – Volume 14, Issue 10

Thought for the Month
Mother Dear

By Betty Hill

Thank you so much mother dear
You mean the world to me
When I was young I did not know
For youth had blinded me

A photo of a Mother and Daughter

I've always loved you, no problem there
Just did not take serious your advice
Sometimes I felt I knew enough
Done things without thinking twice

While looking back, I see now
As a mother I am too
The mighty love and sacrifice
That came to me from you

Many nights you walked the floor
Until your children were safe at home
You'd lock the door and then pray
'Thank you Lord, they're all in, none are gone'

Each night as I came thru the door
The relief I could see on your face
You could not rest well until
Every child had returned home safe

You worried we'd make wrong decisions
But you stood by and let us choose
Dear Mom I understand it now
Since I've walked a few miles in your shoes