Spirituality for Today – September 2012 – Volume 17, Issue 2

Make A Difference

By Betty Hill

A photo of a woman in a field

Life is what you make it
Whether happy sad or blue
You can turn things inside out
And make your dreams come true

Chase away the sad stuff
Invite some joy in to stay
Don't you mind what others do
This is your big day

A day to be so happy
It will spill onto some friends
Then happiness will grow
You'll be delighted in the end

Don't wear a sad face
One that's all cast down
You can make a choice
To turn your life around

It's easy to be full of joy
If you set your mind to be
When someone asks a favor
say 'I'll gladly do it for Thee'

Now's the time to choose
Just what you think is best
Would you have your dreams come true?
Or will you settle for less?