Spirituality for Today – September 2012 – Volume 17, Issue 2

Thought for the Month – Warriors In The Lord's Vineyard
Who Among Us

By Patricia Sylvia Dickinson

A photo of a vineyard and a road

Awaken oh dreamer from the dreams of sleep – be not woeful the best is yet to be!
We must lift our banners high toward Heaven's open sky.
So then, listen, hear the bugle's echo as the drummer drums his beat so heavily.
Throbbing hearts follow the rhythm of the beat.

Who comes forth against the tyrannous enemy on battlefield of danger?
Who will stand against the so-called villainous, vain & deceitful foes?
Who will claim back our righteous land, will a fruitful seed of courage sew?
It is the sacrificial Lamb who binds the cord of peace – our martyrs –
Be the brave, the tall, the small, all who gave their all for liberty!

Brave shine forth against the golden sunrise –
the vision cometh clear against the tempestuous sea.
Those still in foreign wars afar – our beacon shines forth –
a path to guide your coming home in victory.
A victory to fulfill our temple and restore for God His Glory over our homeland.
Listen! Hear the enliven drums as hearts keep rhythm with vivacious beat,
listen to the piper marching in tribute to our homeland free!

Awaken remember what it takes to fulfill our immortality.
Be ready to fulfill our vision of justice – in truth our true liberty!
Be prepared, our time has fast approached –
The new dawn has come!

– Patricia Sylvia Dickinson