Spirituality for Today – Summer 2017 – Volume 21, Issue 5

A Psalm of Freedom

Yolanda Cohen

I met the Master
a long time ago
And walking with Him daily
I continually grow

I let go of the sorrows
I had in the past
I give thanks to God
Now I'm free at last

I'm counting my blessing
instead of my crosses
All of my gains
Outweigh all the losses

I've got such good friends
I don't worry about foes
I'm too full of joy
To give room to woes

My people are happy
Have far less tears
I have given them courage
To conquer their fears

When I am threatened
I call God for help
I'm depending on Him
And not on myself

My banner flies high
Proclaiming freedom for all
With Christ as my cornerstone

I never shall fail!

I am America!