Spirituality for Today – Fall 2017 – Volume 22, Issue 1

Saint of the Month
St. Joseph of Cupertino – September 18

He came from a very poor family. When he was born on June 17, 1603 in Cupertino in Apulia, he even had no home. His father, an indebted carpenter, sold his property and lived with the family in stables, where Joseph was born. Poor and of weak health, Joseph did not get even a basic education.

He tirelessly tried to join a monastic order, but was rejected due to poor health, no education and few prospects. At home, he was not welcome either. Finally, the Capuchins from La Grotella let him live in the monastery but did not admit him to the community. He became a tertiary who performed services. His task was to take care of a mule. But Joseph wanted to become a priest.

Allowed to take an examination, he was expected to fail as he was prepared to answer only one question. However, the examiner asked exactly that question, and Joseph passed the exam.

From the moment of his ordination, Joseph displayed extraordinary talents. He had no book knowledge or speaking talents, but he preached God's glory through the unusual events in which he participated. He often went into ecstasy and levitated. That attracted crowds of people seeking sensation. He was charged with hypocrisy and deceiving naïve people. He faced the inquisition court but was acquitted.

Joseph's superiors were often advised to change where he stayed and to house him in remote monasteries. He could hardly write, but was able to wisely answer complex questions from theologians and exegetes. He had God's gift of infused knowledge. He was even called before Pope Urban VIII. He died on September 18, 1663 in Osimo near Ancona and was canonized on July 16, 1767.

You preached that God
revealed his mysteries to simple people.
Let us imitate in humility St. Joseph of Cupertino
so that we can get to know You
with mind and heart,
to live with You in eternity.
You live and reign for ages and ages.

For Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary People.