Spirituality for Today – February 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 7

A Sparrow's Faith

By Yolanda Cohen

I'm just a little Sparrow
I have no pedigree
I'm rarely ever noticed
But the Lord is watching me

He gave me a coat of feathers
'Tis very plain I know
Without a speck of color
For it wasn't made for show

A photo of a sparrow on a branch

It keeps me warm in winter,
Protects me from the rain
Were it trimmed in gold or silver,
Perhaps would make me vain

I have no barn or storehouse
I neither sow nor reap
God gives my daily portion,
With never a seed to keep

There are many other Sparrows
All over the world they're found
And my Father always knows
When one falls to the ground

I'm only one little Sparrow
A bird of low degree
I know my Father's love
Dost thou know His love for thee?