Spirituality for Today – February 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 7

The 66th Pope
Boniface III

An image of Boniface III the 66th PopeBoniface III the 66th Pope

Pope Boniface III, the 66th Pope (607)
After the death of Pope Sabinian, the election of the new pope would not be accomplished for almost a full year. The contentiousness between those who supported the policies of Pope Gregory the Great and those who did not was the reason for this occurrence. This situation may have compelled Pope Boniface to decree that no consideration of a successor to the papacy occur until three days after the death of the current pope.

Phocas had become the new emperor. While serving as nuncio to Pope Gregory the Great, Boniface developed a close friendship with Phocas. The new emperor, not surprisingly, affirmed emperor Justinian's decree that the see of Saint Peter enjoyed primacy over the universal Church.

Nine months after his election as pope, Pope Boniface III died. He is buried in Saint Peter's Basilica.

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