Spirituality for Today – November 2013 – Volume 18, Issue 4

Thought for the Month
A Child's Prayer

Yolanda Cohen

A photo of a child sleeping

Dear God. Have you got a minute or two?
Will you listen to my prayer?
Things on earth are really bad
And I gotta talk to you

Are you awake in the middle of the night?
And can you spare the time,
to talk about the war and stuff?
Mom and Dad say, "It's all just fine"

But I slipped and watched the news
And you wouldn't believe what I heard
They said we might get bombed, you know
I heard every word

Now I can't fall asleep tonight
Please send an angel or two
To watch over me and keep me safe
And I sure will thank you

Did you see the flames and smoke
When the towers came falling down?
That was really awful God
All those people ain't been found

You think they might come back again?
Do something worse next time?
Why don't you go get 'em God?
Please answer this prayer of mine

I'll stop cryin' now Dear God
And I won't make a peep
Just keep those Angels close to me
While I fall asleep